Finance Area

From banks to insurance companies, Rexpondo is the most versatile ticketing and ITSM solution available on the market.

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Finance Area

Finance Area

From banks to insurance companies, Rexpondo is the most versatile ticketing and ITSM solution available on the market.

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Finance Area

Let us guess…

The choice you made does not convince you anymore…

  • You chose the most expensive product on the market because you wanted the best?
  • You are realizing that the costs which seemed expensive at the time are continuing to rise?
  • You feel imprisoned in an expensive product which is: “too strategic to change?
Let us guess…

…and you are submerged in doubt

  • Do you have a product which is too limited for your current requirements, but which you do not want to change and risk increasing costs?
  • Is your IT system in outsourcing, but you require a solution to satisfy specific needs in IT Service Management, Help Desk or Customer Service and your outsourcing cannot help you with this?
  • Would you like to activate / evolve ITSM, but license and customization costs for your current product are holding you back?
Let us guess…

Rexpondo is the solution for the finance world

Trust the experience of Rexpondo

Thanks to experience consolidated over the years, we know the needs of your world and the mid and long term benefits of using an efficient ticketing system integrated with a complete ITSM can guarantee. The services we offer:

  • Efficiency analysis of the current organization
  • GAP Analysis between the AS IS situation and reference organization pattern
  • Cost analysis of adapting the system

We know it in minute detail and we are up to date with every evolution. We contribute to Rexpondo and ((OTRS)) Community Edition’s evolution by creating perfectly integrated addons for the base structure.
All our interventions to customize are preceded by an accurate analysis which highlights the following points:

  • The possibility of  functions and processes to satisfy the client’s needs, highlighting any operating differences to those requested by the client and what these entail.
  • Any possible need to re-adapt the customization for future upgrades of the Rexpondo version.

The services we provide:

  • Graphics restyling
  • Specific added functions and processes for the client, perfectly integrated with the core logic of the product
  • Personalization of core functions of the product to adapt it to the specific needs of the client, including integration with third party software

Over time we have defined “typical” training packets (vedi Training area), but often Finance clients have the need to bring the new solution up to speed in a short space of time, as well as to fully understand the solution so as to exploit it to the best of its potential and all of this in the limited time available to its resources.

The services we offer:

  • Classroom training (on-site of the client)
  • Telephone support post training
  • On-site availability, for a defined amount of time, of our experts for the client’s personnel
  • One-to-one training on the job

It is fundamental that the ticketing system and ITSM always function perfectly. Rexpondo, remotely, guarantees product experts and system experts are available. Our experts, who can be contacted during the working hours defined by the client, when necessary, can be activated by the client to intervene directly on the client’s system to resolve any problems.

The services they carry out:

  • System support with regular checks on machine loads and presentation of reports with necessary action needed.
  • Telephonic support for the correct use of the product functions.
  • Corrective support subjective to shared SLAs
  • System updates, without prior sharing and approval by the customer, of general security and/or corrective patches.
  • Rexpondo upgrades.

We supply the solutions in Cloud guaranteeing shared service levels and data security in line with current rules and regulations.

The services we carry out:

  • Respecting shared SLA (services described in the Support area)
  • Integration with the client systems (e.g. SSO; HR; third party supplier systems e.g. IBM; etc…)

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