Rexpondo Expert Training

The advanced training course for Rexpondo administrators


Course details

  • LOCATION AND MODALITY The course can be online or in class, in your company or an appropriate alternative structure.
  • LENGTH 16 hours.
  • MATERIAL REQUESTED Each participant must have their own laptop with a web browser installed (preferably Google Chrome) and Rexpondo.

 The course Expert Training course  is aimed at Rexpondo administrators who want to understand the system further. The course is structured to be more technical, with suggestions on how to manage the customization of Rexpondo, as well as how to connect it to external systems, particular attention is paid to authentication methods (LDAP configuration, synchronization of LDAP groups and Rexpondo roles).
 Of the many arguments covered the focus will be on how to migrate Rexpondo or ((OTRS)) Community edition from a previous version to a later one, the creation of complex ACL and advanced postmaster filters.
Part of the course is dedicated to reporting and the creation of personalized reports.

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Web architecture

Basic knowledge of software based on web architecture.

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Unix Systems

Competence in Unix / Linux (z.B. LPIC1).

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Internet protocols

Practical knowledge of protocols, e.g. SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FTP.

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Basic knowledge of SQL.

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Text editor with Unix interface

Experience in the use of editor (eg. UltraEdit, VI, VIM).

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Configuration of web server and post server

Ability to configure a web (Apache2) and email server.

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Experience as an OTRS administrator
 process configuration improvment
set up of advanced configurations system

Lesson 1

Rexpondo Daemon

Rexpondo Update

Lesson 2

Rexpondo Package Manager (building, packets configuration)

Set up of new skins on agent interface

Lesson 3

ACL complesse

Interface Console (Email parsing, cache cleaning, expired session cancellation ecc.)

Lesson 4


SysConfig settings (Interface, Best practices, file system





* The prices refer to the cost of a whole course and are valid for classes of no more than 10 people.

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