Assistance centers

Rexpondo permits the organization of intervention teams and keeping track of work in progress.
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Assistance centers

Assistance centers

Rexpondo permits the organization of intervention teams and keeping track of work in progress.
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Assistance centers

Let us guess

You sell products for which you offer post-sales assistance for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

  • You would like up to date news on all the interventions carried out on your products
  • You would like the costs of assistance to provide you with elaborated data which can be transformed into competitive value.

Let us guess

…and you have to coordinate this activity between various assistance centers

  • The assistance centers are not part of your company and they have their own style, but you would like to guarantee your clients a level of assistance which reflects the style of your organization
  • You would like to structure the supply management for the assistance centers
  • You would like to structure how returns are managed
  • You would like to improve the assistence centers support

Let us guess

Rexpondo is the solution for assistance centers

With Rexpondo, companies who offer assistance for their products will be guided step by step supported by all the necessary information to verify the process and to improve services and products.

The traceability and checking of ordinary and extraordinary interventions, as well as those for faults; control of all the necessary materials available in different warehouses.

Rexpondo can be configured to answer to all these needs guaranteeing a speedy advancement in the intervention process.

Rexpondo allows the configuration of processes to automatically assign competences based on the specific characteristics of the intervention request (Area of competence; type of intervention; etc.)
The usability of the product on any fixed or mobile device facilitates communication between all the bodies involved (customer; contact center; authorization levels; coordinators; intervention teams; etc.).

The servoces carried out:

  • Definition of possible Rexpondo configurations in line with your specific needs.
  • Cost analysis to upgrade Rexpondo system.
  • Cost analysis to substitute your system in favour of Rexpondo.

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition system is the core of Rexpondo. We know it in minute detail and we keep up to date on its evolution. We contribute to its evolution too by creating plugins which are perfectly integrated with the base structure.

The possibilities to configure Rexpondo are numerous to adapt it to a wide range of needs. Where it is not possible to configure, you can personalize Rexpondo.

Rexpondo also has a customer interface which can be activated to increase customer loyalty. The client can track their request step by step with this interface.

The services we carry out:

  • System and functional tuning of the Rexpondo system based on your organizational requirements.
  • Integration of the system with third party software.
  • Personalization of the standard Rexpondo functions to make them more usable for the parties involved.
  • Graphic personalization of the customer interface.
  • Integration of the customer interface with the company website.

Your core business is not the IT system which manages interventions, but the timely and decisive success of the interventions themselves.
The IT system adopted must therefore always be running to the best of its potential.

Rexpondo guarantees this.

Contactable via phone during the working hours defined by the client, our experts can,when required by the client, intervene and resolve problems directly on the client’s system.

Services carried out:

  • Remote monitoring of the client’s system.
  • Corrective support according to shared SLAs.
  • System updates, upon prior sharing and approval by the customer, with general security and/or corrective patches.

Support services are available for both ((OTRS)) Community Edition on premise installations and cloud.

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