Banco BPM – migration

Migration to ((OTRS)) Community Edition

Project details

In order to reduce costs, the customer asked for an alternative solution to the one alreay in use (BMC Remedy). The project included an initial integration phase between ((OTRS)) CE and Remedy, during which work groups were migrated to the new platform.


Banco BPM



The project in brief

In order to reduce costs, the customer asked for an alternative solution to the one already owned and used (BMC Remedy). The project foresaw an initial integration phase between ((OTRS)) Community edition and Remedy, during which the work groups were migrated to the new platform.

In the first phase the two could communicate with each other and thanks to the integration developed, they were able to exchange tickets and information. Once all the workgroups were migrated, it was possible to permanently decommision BMC Remedy, with a considerable license cost saving.

The adoption of an open source product with a publicly accessible source code allowed us to start a series of customization projects and to adapt the product to the real needs of the customer.

Today, about 2100 operators divided into 550 groups (queues) and 38400 customer users are surveyed to the system. About 5000 new tickets are created every day, those processed every day, on the other hand, are about a few tens of thousands


  • Open Source product, source code available, with no license costs
  • Progressive decommissioning of the 550 working groups (queues) present in BMC Remedy
  • Customization of the application to best suit the customer’s needs
  • Integration with asset management for the opening of technological reports
  • Integration with external suppliers and other service companies

Adopted Solutions

  • The main element used is the Ticket of ((OTRS)) Community edition that has been expanded with new functionalities:
    • Reviewed operator and user interface design, both when opening and filling out the ticket and when managing it.
    • dynamic ticket based on the new 4-level categorization system that determines the type of ticket, the queue, the fields to be filled in and various other ticket characteristics
    • New dynamic fields implemented
    • Integration with asset management via web service and customized search and selection dialogs for opening hardware reports
  • Each new function implemented has its own management and interface allowing the customer an autonomous day- to-day management of the application
  • Integration with the assistance portal
  • SSO Integration with the SSO system of the bank