Rexpondothe solution for Government and Public agency

Rexpondo is the solution best suited to the needs of the Public Administration.

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The most customizable Service Desk tool for Government and Public Agency

Let us guess
team collaboration on Ticketing and ITSM processes

You need a complete product, very versatile, easy to use and always in step with the times...

You have multiple channels (mail, telephone, web, processes, events, etc.) from which reports can come.

Each report can follow processes that involve several work groups.

Manage reports that must be forwarded for competence to external contractors.

You must monitor compliance with the SLAs of external companies and the different processing moments.

Manage "VIP" users who must have preferential lanes.

You would very much like users not to open reports for issues that have already been solved a thousand more times.

You are responsible for assets that you always need to know everything about (when they arrive; where they are; where they need to go; how much they cost during their life; etc ...).

You must account for the levels of service provided with periodic reports and statistics.

...but you have a limited budget

Less costs

To access the new budget, you have to follow infinite procedures


You would like a product with fixed costs and without surprises


You have internal IT technicians that you would like to be free to configure and / or customize the product independently

Defined Roadmap

You would like to have the guarantee of a constantly evolving product so as not to remain technologically backward


You would like an excellent product from the point of view of cybersecurity
process tracking and reports
Trust the experience of Rexpondo
Trust Rexpondo’s experience and platform features

Thanks to our consolidated experience over the years we have an excellent understanding of business environments and your needs of mid and long term benefits of using an efficient ticketing system integrated with ITSM.
The service we offer includes:

  • Efficiency analysis of the current organization
  • GAP Analysis between the AS IS situation and reference organization pattern.
  • Cost analysis of adapting the system

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition system is the core of Rexpondo. We know it in minute detail and we keep up to date on all of its developments. We contribute to its evolution by creating add-ons which are perfectly integrated with the basic structure.

We also personalize the core of ((OTRS)) Community Edition. We know how to personalize core issues. Your business needs a no-frills Ticketing System that is fast, precise, simple to use, allowing all vertical and transversal service levels to communicate with each other as well as being perfectly integrated with systems vital to your business starting from the telephone.
The services we carry out:

  • System and functional tuning of the Rexpondo system ((OTRS)) Community Edition based on your organizational needs.
  • Integration of the system with third-party software.
  • Customization of the standard features of ((OTRS)) Community Edition to make them more appropriate to your business needs. Rexpondo ((OTRS)) Community Edition has such high levels of configuration that, for use in Customer Service contexts, we have rarely had to resort to this type of intervention.
You offer “typical” training packets – see training area. If you cannot find what you are looking for we can create a course for your specific training needs. Our services:
  • Definition of personalized course contents and timing
  • Telephone support post training
  • Onsite training with our experts for a defined period of time.

It is fundamental that a ticketing system is running perfectly. Rexpondo guarantees, remotely, assistance from our product and system experts.

Contactable during the working hours defined by the client, our experts can, when required by the client, intervene and resolve problems directly on the client’s system.

Services carried out:

  • Remote monitoring of the client’s system.
  • Corrective support according to shared SLAs.
  • System updates, upon prior sharing and approval by the customer, with general security and/or corrective patches.

Support services are available for both Rexpondo and ((OTRS)) Community Edition onsite installations and cloud.

Analysis and support in the migration of service desk systems to Rexpondo
Integration with other software and tools to integrate rexpondo into the IT infrastructure
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