From ((OTRS)) Community edition to Rexpondo: a new roadmap!

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Let's take stock

On 23 December 2020 OTRS AG announced that it will no longer support OTRS 6 and ((OTRS)) Community edition 6 and with them the related security updates.

Hence the decision to make Rexpondo a real product, an open source ticketing and ITSM system based on ((OTRS)) Community edition. This choice subsequently gave way to the partnership with the German company Otobo, born primarily from the need to collaborate in the security update of the latest version of OTRS CE and the subsequent developments of the platform.

The future: a new ((OTRS)) Community edition fork

With the experience gained by the Rexpondo team in ticketing and ITSM, today we are able to coordinate an implementation roadmap, with short and medium-term objectives. We can guarantee continuity in the support and maintenance of the current platform (including security patches and bug fixing) for all those companies that until now have invested in OTRS, while at the same time evolving the Rexpondo platform. Below, the developments already implemented:
  • Data protection
  • Dynamic fields management
  • GDPR consent on the customer side
  • Elastic search
  • New Customer graphical interface
  • Native stop SLA
  • Maps integration with OpenStreetMap
and upcoming developments planned:
  • Mobile app
  • BI (Business Intelligence)
  • API rest
  • Chatbot
  • Graphic restyling

Migration from ((OTRS)) Community Edition to Rexpondo

You will be able to migrate your ((OTRS)) Community edition installation to Rexpondo at any time.

For more information, please contact us.

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