GCMDB plugin

CMDB graphic viewer add-on

Graphic CMDB (GCMDB) is a plugin for the graphic visualization of the CMDB. GCMDB originated as a plugin ((OTRS)) Community edition and Rexpondo but at the same time it can be integrated on different CMDBs.

CMDB graph view
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Main features

Possibility to choose the graph visualization: hierarchical or star-shaped. The detail page of each CI can be opened in a new tab or opened as a new node from which to show the linked CI. Searching for CI and related detail information is governed by a system of filters set directly by the user.

Add-on benefits

  • Easy: Intuitive operation, making the organization of information easy to understand.
  • Customizable: ability to define the information to be shown and images for each class of CI (Configuration Item).
  • Detailed: breadth and depth of search, adjustable and user-defined according to different needs.
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Supported versions

The add-on is compatible with Rexpondo and ((OTRS)) Community edition 3, 4, 5, 6.0.x

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