The dynamic drop-down menu field

Plugin that implements a new type of dynamic field, of the drop-down menu type, whose values are retrieved thanks to a query made on a table or view of a database external to Rexpondo – ((OTRS)) Community edition. The values of these dynamic field types can be used to perform searches on tickets and also can be used as a filter and/or search in ticket tables by queue and by status.

Main features

The plugin provides access to information by executing one or more queries made on specific databases; it is possible to:

  • create dynamic fields that retrieve information from tables already within the platform.
  • create dynamic fields that retrieve information from other databases as they provide additional details, external to the system, needed for a specific query.

Add-on benefits

Main advantages:

  • Retrieve information from external data sources
  • Dynamic and always up-to-date data retrieval
  • No management is required to maintain the data
  • possibility, for Ticket and Process Ticket objects, to use more than one of these dynamic fields linked together in such a way that the selection of the value of one field, conditions the loading of the values of subsequent fields
  • Ability to constrain dynamic field values based on the information present (Tickets, Users, Changes, …)

Supported versions

The add-on is compatible with Rexpondo and ((OTRS)) Community edition 6.0.x

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