Mass updating of dynamic fields contents for Rexpondo and ((OTRS)) CE

REXImprovedBulk is a plugin developed for Rexpondo that extends the functionality of the native “Bulk” (multiple update) function with the possibility of simultaneously changing the value of some fields on several tickets.

This plugin allows, in addition to the existing functionality, to change the value of dynamic fields enabled for this function.

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Main features

Once the desired dynamic fields have been added in the AgentTicketBulk module, these fields will be made visible and therefore modifiable within the pop-up relative to the Bulk function, once the tickets have been selected in the various views of the Ticket section or even after a search for the tickets themselves.

For dynamic fields added to the Bulk functionality, Access Control Lists (ACLs) will not be evaluated.

Add-on benefits

The added value of this plugin is related to the possibility of mass updating the content of one or more dynamic fields in the tickets.

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Supported versions

The add-on is compatible with Rexpondo and ((OTRS)) Community edition 6.0.x

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