Rexpondo app

Keep all processes under control
Define the priority of a ticket, monitor the resolution status of the various tickets, easily identifying the owner and the queue to which they belong.
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Check the appointments

View the calendar and scheduled appointments. Log in in total security and choose the viewing permissions of each user.

Check the tickets

View tickets linked to the appointment and their creation date, monitor their status and see all the details.

Track the results

Check the progress, to whom it is assigned, if it has been taken over and if it is in progress or has been completed. Keep customers updated.
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View the details of the appointment and work directly from your phone or tablet

Authentication with Rexpondo user (username and password) or with Fingerprint.

Manage multiple calendars

Rexpondo manages the multi-calendar and the color of the calendar to which the appointment belongs is indicated.
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Main features


All appointments are shown, divided by day, with details such as location, operator, appointment status.

Queue view

Ability to view all tickets divided by queue to which they belong, which can be filtered and ordered.

Appointment details

Date and time place with the position on Google Maps or the installed navigator and list of tickets associated with the appointment.

Ticket details

All the Articles of the selected ticket are present with any attachments. You can reply to the ticket or close it.

Add article

You can reply to the ticket by adding a new Article.

Close ticket

Close open tickets once they are resolved and add endnotes.
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RexApp for your Rexpondo installation!