Service Asset & Configuration management

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“to provide a logical model of the infrastructure through the identification, control, management and verification of all versions of existing “Configuration Items”.
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What it is

Service Asset & Configuration Management is functional to a series of other processes such as Incident Management, Problem Management, Change and Release Management and, for this reason, it plays a crucial role in the organization of the entire IT infrastructure.

The identification and management of information related to the IT infrastructure passes through this process. Information related to:

the number of un-used licenses or unauthorised configurations.
the number of incidents caused by inadequately documented Configuration Items.
the % of inaccurate Configuration Items.

Management of Service Asset and Configuration management with Rexpondo and GCMDB add-on

A Configuration Item (CI) is a configuration unit (IT infrastructure element) that can be managed individually (e.g.: computers, routers, servers, software, etc.). Each Configuration Item is managed through a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) that keeps track of all CI’s in the organization and the relationship between them.

The default view of the OTRS CMDB is a list, as shown in the image below:

cmdb wiew of otrs ce

As shown in the image, it is immediately visible if there are any configuration items in the “incident” state, they are indicated with a red rectangle in the first column. We can also see, thanks to the orange rectangle, any configuration items connected to the one in the incident state.
This display allows us to understand, at a glance, the status of the CI within our CMDB.

We have developed a plugin to provide an additional graphical shot of the CMDB called GCMDB, which allows you to quickly access the information it contains.

With GCMDB the location of the various Configuration Items and the relationships between them immediately becomes clear, an overview of the CMDB. The various CI’s are then indicated inside the circles and the arrows indicate the links between them. Clicking on a CI opens the window related to its description.

graphic image of cmdb plugin for otrs and rexpondo

Other insights

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