Rexpondo Administrator Training

Acquire all the necessary skills.

The training course is aimed at people who will administer Rexpondo starting with the basics of installing, configuring, and managing it.

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Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith

Rexpondo administrator

Who is it aimed at

The Administrator Training is aimed at the administrators in charge of configuring systems, managing users and authorization, as well as Rexpondo customization based on company requirements.

The course participants will perform a complete installation and configuration of Rexpondo. Moreover they will connect it to the email system and participants will be shown how to manage company processes with Rexpondo processes. The various steps required for creating a process will be explained, participants will create one themselves, as well as importing and exporting processes which have already been created.

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to independently install and configure Rexpondo according to his or her needs.

The administrator will be able to manage all the basical features in order to integrate it in the Company IT System.

Course details

Location and modality

Online or classroom training, at your company or in an another suitable location.


32 hours.

Material required

Each participant must have his or her own laptop with a web browser installed (preferably Google Chrome) and Rexpondo.

training table


Basic knowledge required to participate in the course.


The structure of the lessons may vary according to the starting level of the participants.
Lesson 1 - Installation and base features
  • Installation of Rexpondo
  • How to use Rexpondo
    • queues/groups/roles
    • agents
    • clients
    • articles and tickets
    • services , sla, escalation
Lesson 2 - Users and tickets
  • Work with tickets
  • Manage roles and permissions
Lesson 3 - Agent
  • Agent interface
    • Dashboard
    • Agent Preferences
    • Ticket Overview
    • Tickets actions
    • Articles actions
    • Search
Lesson 4 - The customer
  • Customer’s interface
    • My tickets
    • Tickets of the companies
    • Ticket details
    • Ticket actions
    • Research
    • Preferences
Lesson 5 - The administrator
  • Admin Frontend
    • Permission roles (Roles, groups and queues)
    • Agents managemen
    • Queues management
    • Customers managemen
    • Ticket configurations
    • System administrator
Lesson 6 - Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Access Control Lists (ACL)
    • Structure
    • Examples
Lesson 7 - Processes
  • Processes
    • Set up a process
    • Activities
    • Activity interaction
    • Transictions
    • Transition actions
    • Import / Export
Lesson 8 - Add-ons
  • Add-ons
  • FAQ
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